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4x4 Floppy, Light Control Flag, Cutter or Rag, whatever you call them, flags are the film industry standard for creating negative fill and preventing light spill.


An essential and versatile piece of kit, flags do however have their limitations. Using a flag outdoors or even in a studio can be problematic and what electrician hasn't tried to come up with a suitable floppy flag securing device. The Bates Batten offers a precise and professional solution by making the flag rigid and securing the flag to the stand making it useable in all conditions.

Bates Batten
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With light sensitive digital cameras now used extensively throughout the industry, the use of floppy flags is ever increasing but the problem of keeping them under control still exists.

Made in the UK from high quality materials, each batten consists of an anodised aluminium extrusion with a unique, reversible, sliding bracket which is adjustable in diameter to fit most common stand sizes. The battens have hook and loop Velcro on opposing sides ensuring a fast and secure fit to any floppy flag.

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