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2ft Batten (x3 supplied in custom bag)

2ft Batten (x3 supplied in custom bag)

SKU: 0002

2ft Batten


The Bates Batten™ is manufactured from high grade black anodised aluminium to our own bespoke specification.


One side inlaid with 30mm PS18 Hook Velcro® and the other side with 30mm PS18 Loop Velcro® ensuring a secure fit to any floppy flag on the market.


The reversible custom bracket is made from hard wearing natural rubber that conforms to most common stand diameters.


Rubber end caps for added damage protection.


Three battens supplied in waterproof custom bag with hanging strap.


Dimensions : Length 616mm, Height 48mm, Depth 16mm.

Expected to ship by end of September.
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